• Matt Pollitt

    Matt Pollitt

    Founder of unconform, facilitator of design sprints. Progress over Perfection.

  • Henrik Sandstroem

    Henrik Sandstroem

    Lovin' House Music

  • Lars Rosengren

    Lars Rosengren

    Coaching teams and individuals on digital product leadership, user centred strategy and agility @Ustwo Tokyo, Japan.

  • Johan Jonsson

    Johan Jonsson

    Surfer. Father of two. Digital designer. Owner of Galveston. Malmö/Sweden.

  • Daniel Grahn

    Daniel Grahn

    Software engineer with an entrepreneurial mind. Father of two. Malmö/Sweden.

  • Toke Barter

    Toke Barter

    I’m a passionate and experienced design-thinker driven by putting a positive dent in our universe.

  • Sofia


  • Masa Hamada

    Masa Hamada

    Product Strategist, Designer & Co-founder at Radikal.Studio

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